First conference call with Siruthuli

This week, the Siruthuli team had its first conference call with Ms. Vanitha Mohan, the Executive Director of Siruthuli and also the Chairperson of the auto parts company called Pricol Ltd.

My team consists of me, Lisa from the Netherlands, and Cordula from Germany. All of us have been meeting virtually to come up with a game plan so that we can hit the ground running starting on the 23rd.

We have already done some preliminary research on methods to control water hyacinth (biological, chemical, using machinery, etc). However, through our conversation with Vanitha, it is clear that our biggest challenge will be to come up with a long term and sustainable method to prevent sewage and pollution from entering the tank. This probably means working with the public works department, local farmers, and local businesses to take care of their sewage in a non-polluting way.

You can find some links on Siruthuli and some press coverage of Valunkulam below:

Older article about Valunkulam and Siruthuli:

Article about man arrested for dumping in Valunkulam tank:

We also found out more details about our accommodations–we will be staying in the Deja Vu hotel in Coimbatore. It is a small, boutique hotel in the middle of the city. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, gym, and everything else we need to unwind after a long day at work. I am definitely going to be spoiled after this experience…

I can’t find any pictures online, but as soon as we arrive, I will post some pictures. #ibmcsc

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