First couple of days…

So IBM’s India Team 12 has arrived and settled into our hotel in Coimbatore. My 16 hour flight from Newark to Mumbai arrived without a hitch. I had a funny experience at the airport–I was waiting at the gate when  a lady asked me if she could use my cell phone to call her relatives in the US to let them know that she had arrived. She only spoke Gujarati, so our communication was limited. However, after I let her use my phone, she was so thankful and offered me some aloo subzi (potato vegetable curry) and some paratha. It was a wonderful gesture–it reminded me of the spirit of Indian hospitality and was a great start to my trip.

We stayed one night at Hotel Planet in Mumbai as our team started to filter in. The next morning, we hopped on a flight to Coimbatore. Here is the team waiting to get to the hotel in Coimbatore.

On Monday, we started working with our team on our projects. The Siruthuli team met Vanitha and her partners for the first time. It was quite exciting! Here is a picture of us reviewing the work that they have done thus far on the Valunkulam Tank

Tomorrow, we will go to the Valunkulam Tank and the Siruthuli office for the first time. I’ll post some pictures of the office and the tank tomorrow…


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