Ah, we are here for work

The first few days in Coimbatore were so busy with fun activities that I forgot that we are here for work, not just for fun!

So the past two days of work have been quite intense, to say the least. On Wednesday, Sampath, the hydrologist at Siruthuli, took us to the tanks around the area in order to get an idea of how we will be tackling our problem.

One really interesting thing that we saw was the garbage dump site for the city of Coimbatore. They had a very novel approach of spraying the garbage with a microbe solution to kill germs and the smell of the garbage. So, while we were surrounded by trash, the smell was not unbearable. Here is a picture of me with the solution, as well as an employee spraying the solution onto garbage being brought from the city.


Cordula was brave enough to actually go into the garbage sites and take pictures

The last place that we visited was the water purification site. The chemists at the plant were very kind to provide us with a tour of the site and explain how it works. This will come in handy, as our goal as a team is to figure out how we can integrate a water treatment plant into the Valunkulam tank to decrease pollution. My next post will be more about our statement of work and our work approach. But, more on that in the next post.

For now, take a look at these pictures. The first one is a bucket of the treated water. It used to be all brown (sewage water), but when it is treated, it looks much clearer. The next picture is of the treatment plant itself. The final picture is our team with the chemists who allowed us to take a look at the plant.


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6 Responses to Ah, we are here for work

  1. Balaji says:

    nice blog…if you go to podanur area located 8 km from city you can find entire coimbatore area garbage are collected there in acre.pls spread aweness.

    • sakenk says:

      Hi Balaji,

      Thanks again for your response. Yes, we did go to the Podanur area and saw the garbage site. That is where the pictures of garbage are from, as well as the picture of the treatment solution. Thanks for the input!

      Regarding your question about IBM, I found our from our IBM team that we are not currently hiring at IBM Coimbatore, but we are collecting resumes for when we will begin hiring. Can you forward me your resume? My email is sskulkar@us.ibm.com

  2. Balaji says:

    hi sekeak,

    Thank you very much Dear,I forwarded my resume please count me for IBM Coimbatore location recruitment.
    You have a good habit of helping to unknown person.Thank you Once again.

    ya i thougth you missed Podanur.pls spread you awareness through SOcial Network.

    But Don’t Miss Beatiful Places near Coimbatore.

    Dhyanalinga Yogic temple , Isha Yoga centre, Vellingiri hill temple these 3 places suitivated very near each other Vellingiri

    hill have some Intresting historical stories & Ayurvedic Plants are collected by
    peoples for SIDDHA.

    even Dont miss Ayurveda SPA is famous in Kerala Border.

    Hill stations are Ooty (80 km), Topslip town(90 km),Valparai near Pollachi having no of sight seeing and picnic

    spots,Trekking , Kodaikanal (180 km).

    tea plantations at Ooty or Munnar

    Sanctuaries are Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary(150 km), Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary(100 km), Top Slip.

    Botanical Garden which is situated opposite to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, which is
    Biggest Agriculture university situated on the way to Marudhamalai temple.

    Stay safe

    Watch out for pickpockets at Ukkadam bus stand,gandhipuram bus stand While travelling on bus, keep your valuables safe.
    better avoid Travel in AUTO at Mid nigth.


    The Siruvani water supplied in Coimbatore is said to be one of the tastiest waters in the world, in fact the second tastiest.

    Don’t you ever resort to buying mineral water bottles when in Coimbatore. If so, you are going to miss something really

    good.Siruvani water falls located near Kovai kutralam,5 km from vellingiri hills.

    Brookfields plaza, Brookbrond road, R.S,Puram. has everything from dresses has everything from dresses to food like KFC,

    Rmkv(for Indian Traditional Sarees), lifestyle, relaince footprints.

    Families for Children (FFC) is a private, non-profit agency operating homes that care for hundreds of destitute children and

    orphans in India located in Podanur Where you went ealier.

    visit Tiruppur ,textile city,affected by dyieng water.
    and goverment banned dyeing unit in Tiruppur.40Km from Coimbatore airport.


    waiting For you Next Blog.

    Thanks & Regards


  3. Sriram Murali says:


    Nice Work…

    Enjoyed reading the blog and the activities happening in Coimbatore..

    Keep updating with more info whenever u get time..

  4. Subhash Kulkarni says:

    Good to see that you are engaged in Coimbatore your passion for the community. Keep it up that has gives satisfaction of giving back to the community. We are proud of you and best of luck to you..

  5. Subhash Kulkarni says:

    Good to see that you are engaged in Coimbatore with your passion for the community. Keep it up w/your work of giving back to the community. We are proud of you and best of luck to you..

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